BiboxEurope Announces Plans for GBP-Crypto Pair

BiboxEurope, an up and coming cryptocurrency exchange, has announced plans to start offering a GBP-crypto pair option on their platform.

This decision was heavily influenced by popular opinion. At the beginning of August this year, BiboxEurope launched an official Twitter poll asking users which pair they would like to see on the exchange. The results were definitive – the GBP-crypto pair gained 67% of the votes.

GBP-Crypto Pair

It turns out that despite the troublesome political situation in the United Kingdom, people are still interested in exchanging pounds to cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

While Brexit is rocking the political and economic scene in the country, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular. Many people have started considering established crypto tokens like Bitcoin and Ether to be good and secure investments. Read More...

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