Beware Of These Bitcoin Tricks And Scams

Beware Of These Bitcoin Tricks And Scams

Beware of These Bitcoin Tricks and Scams:

Bitcoin is a new asset class, a new type of value and money, and one that is set to disrupt the financial world.

But anything new and valuable attracts scammers and tricksters and with it being digital and online there are the typical hackers, malware and phishing scams we have to work hard to avoid.

There are also mining scams, trading scams and other coins and platforms claiming to be something they’re not.

It’s an unfortunate side of Bitcoin, but these scammers prey on people not just in the crypto space, but in every walk of life. In this article we expose a few ways people and companies are trying to scam and trick Bitcoin investors.

Beware of These Bitcoin Tricks and Scams


Bitcoin.com might seem like the perfectly-named website for Bitcoin, but it’s not the official Bitcoin website. Far from it, in fact.

Anyone new to the space might easily be duped into buying Bitcoin from there. The website is run by the people behind the Bitcoin hard-forked coin BCH, which Bitcoin.com tries to make out is the real Bitcoin. Read More