Berlin Real Estate Worth $12M Tokenized for Everyday Investors

Germany’s Black Manta Capital Partners has launched a security token offering (STO) for Berlin real estate worth more than $12 million. The project is a collaboration with the German real estate firm Tigris Immobilien and includes around 2000 square metres of real estate in total, mostly comprising individual apartments from 40 to 60 square meters in size. Construction is expected to be complete by 2022 and units will be sold to investors and owner-occupiers. Token holders will share 20% of the sale profits through securitized participation rights. The company said the tokens will enable ordinary investors “to participate in a profitable real estate project normally reserved for professional investors.”

Minimum investment is just €500

People interested in acquiring tokens can invest a minimum of €500 (nearly $550) up to a maximum of nearly €2 million (around $2.2 million). Black Manta co-founder and managing partner Christian Platzer told Cointelegraph that STOs have a number of advantages over traditional real estate investments, including: Read More...

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