Belgium Startup Launches Smart Chip Hardware Wallet for SLP-Based Tokens

On March 1, the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) developers’ Twitter account revealed a new hardware wallet card for SLP tokens created by the Belgium-based company Satoshichip. The newly designed product is the first SLP token hardware wallet on the market and it works natively with the Electron Cash SLP wallet.

A Bitcoin Cash Hardware Wallet With a Secure Chip and Low Form Factor

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community was pleased to hear about a new Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) hardware wallet manufactured by The products developed by Satochip are hardware wallets that hold various cryptos like BTC, LTC, and BCH and they are shaped and sized like a traditional credit card. Since launching, the company has published auditable and open source code and the card’s app offers 2-factor authentication. In December 2019, a few BCH proponents wrote about the company’s Bitcoin Cash Hardware Wallet on Twitter and Reddit forums. “Works smoothly with Electron Cash,” Corentin Mercier tweeted two months ago.

Belgium Startup Launches Smart Chip Hardware Wallet for SLP-Based Tokens

Belgium Startup Satochip Launches Hardware Wallet for SLP-Based Tokens

BCH-based Satochip wallets can also be purchased at the Store.

The first edition Bitcoin Cash hardware wallet designed by Satochip is a limited series edition which contains three different designs. Moreover, the Satochip team explained that the BCH hardware wallet card is an “achievement of a year of hard work” for the developers. Read More...