Belgium’s leading blockchain company launches operations in India

Belgium-based blockchain technology giant, SettleMint, announced to launch its operations in India. SettleMint also launched operations in other countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.

According to the Business Standard report, the CEO of SettleMint announced the launch of its India operations at a ceremony hosted at the private residence of Ambassador of Belgium earlier this week. The adoption of blockchain technology in India has been increasing quite rapidly.

“India is a hotbed of blockchain technology activity.”

The CEO of SettleMint, Matthew Van Niekerk, said that they are delighted to begin their journey in India, which is currently a hotbed of blockchain technology activity. He added that keeping in line with the incredible adoption pace of this technology world over, India can benefit from blockchain as a key technology to realize the government’s vision of $5 trillion economies. Read More...

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