Bees, Bud And Business: Top Projects Surfing on the WAVES Platform

Waves swept onto the shores of the blockchain scene back in 2016, thanks to a group of Russian developers who became disillusioned with NXT. They decided to launch their own platform, aiming to make it quick and easy for anyone to issue their own token.

Waves quickly became the first platform to market with its own decentralized exchange. At the end of 2018, the project raised $120 million from investors to develop a private version of its Vostok platform, which is designed to deploy Waves in commercial and government IT systems. However, recent reports suggest that the Waves founder sold his stake in Vostok to focus on developing out the Waves platform.

Nevertheless, Waves still has plenty of activity, with over thirty projects listed on the WavesDapp website. Here are a few of the most unique use cases.


Apis mellifera is the Latin name for the western honey bee, and now also the name of a Waves project aiming to help the declining honey bee population.

The plight of the bees is real, y’all. Bees pollinate 70% of the crops that feed 90% of the world. Without honey bees, the global agricultural sector would be $30 billion poorer each year. But intensive farming, mono-cropping, and climate change mean that the bee population has declined by up to 45% in some parts of the western world.

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