Beeple Crashes MakersPlace By Selling NFT Art for $1

Beeple Crashes MakersPlace By Selling NFT Art for $1

NFT superstar Beeple crashed the crypto art boutique MakersPlace’s yesterday after traffic for his limited edition $1 drop led to system issues. Most of the 105 editions remain unsold.

In a tweet, MakersPlace apologetically explained that the website traffic at the time had completely exceeded its estimations, leading to a domino effect as the website went down and stayed down.

On Thursday, Beeple’s work appreciated in value when his Crossroad NFT— an Ethereum-based digital collectible—was resold to an anonymous purchaser on Nifty Gateway for $6.6 million.

The piece was Beeple’s first 1/1, meaning it’s the only one of its kind, and it depicts a mammoth Donald Trump passed out naked and covered in graffiti on a grassy verge near a pedestrian walkway. Had Trump won the election, the picture would have been very different—the NFT’s code would have mutated it into a fiery Trump raging through a screaming city.

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