Be Humble? Viral Tweet Calls Bitcoin ‘F*ck You’ Money

Crypto Twitter is lighting up with a new in-your-face message from Jameson Lopp, a Bitcoin engineer and the chief technology officer at CasaHodl.

Lopp says Bitcoin is a big ‘F*ck you.’

Countering the well-oiled narratives stating that Bitcoin’s primary purpose is to be digital gold, a hedge and a store of value, Lopp tells his 200k+ followers on Twitter that Bitcoin’s main function is flipping off the Man – every centralized authority that tries to get in between you and your money or tries to turn it into worthless toilet paper through monetary policy manipulation.

From payments at Pornhub, where PayPal decided to stop support for adult entertainment workers, to a reveal from a former PayPal executive who says his Bank of America bank account was abruptly shutdown for no reason, Bitcoin is often praised as being censorship-resistant. If money is a language that allows people to express themselves, Bitcoin allows anyone anywhere in the world to speak freely. Read More...

Be Humble? Viral Tweet Calls Bitcoin ‘F*ck You’ Money
Bitcoin (BTC) has been called many things in its lifetime