BCH Funding Debate: Developers Plan to Launch IFP-Free Version of Bitcoin ABC

On February 19, a group of well known software developers announced the launch of a new Bitcoin Cash full node with the Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP) removed from the codebase. The news was announced on the read.cash platform by the developer Freetrader who told the public that strong demand from businesses, miners, mining pools, and developers invoked the team to create a “minimally-altered client based on Bitcoin ABC.”

The last week in Bitcoin Cash land has been filled with a lot of arguments and debate over the Infrastructure Funding Plan’s (IFP) latest developments. Just recently news.Bitcoin.com reported on the Bitcoin ABC team announcing they would add code for the IFP to the ABC version 0.21.0 client. The code was released on February 18 and included a few other features as well.

After the latest ABC client published, a group of programmers revealed the creation of a “minimally-altered client based on Bitcoin ABC.” The announcement was written by one of the earliest developers within the BCH ecosystem, Freetrader, and he explained that “prominent Bitcoin businesses, miners, mining pools, and developers” requested the alternative implementation. “The only difference between the new client and ABC v0.21.0 is the removal of the coinbase reward diversion code and its associated signaling and activation,” Freetrader explained. Read More...