Battle For Crypto Dominance Between Ripple And Bitcoin Still On, But Can They Co-exist?

Bitcoin and Ripple are arguably the two most powerful cryptocurrencies with immense scope for the future. Bitcoin has been the most dominant force in the crypto space and has largely been unchallenged. However, things in the future won’t be the same, as several crypto projects are taking serious efforts to increase their influence in the industry.

Out of the upcoming crypto projects, Ripple has emerged as the strongest contender for the Crown of the Crypto Kingdom. Sure, Bitcoin has a humongous price tag and a king size market share, the future of cryptocurrencies won’t be just about price and investments. It would be more about adoption and usability, exactly where Ripple has been phenomenal.

But is it a real fight? Or can they co-exist? Weiss Ratings, a Florida based asset rating company recently tweeted that XRP and BTC complement each other, and are not mutually exclusive.

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