BAT price rises 4% as Brave crosses 10 million monthly users

Crypto-friendly web browser Brave has just hit another landmark, reaching 10.4 million active users, up from just 9 million last month. At the same time, Basic Attention Token is now trading at just over $0.19, having gained almost 4% in the last day.

Brave is still one of the smaller web browsers in popular usage, and according to W3 counter, it still isn’t one of the top 10 most popular browsers in terms of market share. As it stands, Chrome current controls a market share of around 59%, whereas Safari and Internet Explorer (and Edge) share 14.6% and 9.5% of the market respectively. However, it might not be long until Brave becomes a household name.

Just last month, Brave announced that it had grown its user base by more than 12.5% between October and November, and had around nine million active users by mid-November. With 10.4 million active users, Brave has grown more than 15.5% since last month, indicating it is rapidly gaining popularity.

As Decrypt reported last month, Brave has also broken a new level of downloads on Android devices. According to AppBrain, more than 40 million Android users have downloaded Brave since it was released on the Google Play Store in 2014. Read More...