Basic Attention Token Is in ‘Accumulation’ According to This Fundamental Indicator

The NVT ratio is a responsive indicator which measures the value flowing through a given blockchain based on moving averages. According to this metric, Basic Attention Token (BAT) is currently in its ‘accumulation zone.’

One cryptocurrency trader is arguing that Basic Attention Token (BAT) has 4-6 more months of accumulation before a ‘huge breakout.’ The conclusion was drawn based on the NVT 30dma, a metric which has proven to be very accurate in the past year.

The NVT Signal is a relatively new metric which was brought forward in 2018 by Dmitry Kalichki. Standard NVT Ratio is the ‘Network Valuation divided by the Transaction Value flowing through the blockchain and then smoothed using a moving average.’ However, Kalichki has applied the moving average to just transaction output, which brings another, more useful dimension to this indicator.

How does this all relate to Basic Attention Token? Well, as per a tweet by NebraskenGooner (@nebraskangooner), every time the price of BAT has dropped below the NVT 30dma, accumulation has occurred. This accumulation has been followed by a major pump, which has been increasing in percentages gained each time it has happened.

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