Basic Attention Token [BAT]: Brave browser testing new tipping feature to help content creators

Brave Browser is an open-source web browser based on the Chromium web browser. Its utility token, BAT has been performing well compared to other tokens in a market undergoing massive volatility. In a recent update, Brave announced that they were testing a new feature related to tipping content creators, which might be similar to XRP’s TipBot.

Brave tweeted:

“For users of our Nightly desktop version, we’re testing a new feature for tipping tweets with Brave Rewards. Tips are sent instantly for those verified via (tips to unverified users are held in your browser). Feedback welcome via”

The new feature, as seen on the website, would be called “Tip a Tweet”, where users can gift other users for “great tweets”. The website outlined that the Brave browser would have a special tip button on each tweet, which would directly send a tip to the author of the tweet. The tips for unverified users are sent in “minutes”, however, verified users receive the tips instantly, and are reflected in their Brave Rewards account.

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