Banque De France To Start Hodling Bitcoin?

Is the Banque de France going to be the first known central bank to start hodling Bitcoin?

According to a petition lodged, the country will be ‘in a financially weak position within 5-10 years’ if it doesn’t start accumulating Bitcoin (BTC), according to one of its members of parliament.

Jean-Michel Mis, a member of the French National Assembly, has signed a petition, which aims change the laws and enable its central bank, Banque de France, to buy and hodl Bitcoin.

French lawmaker Urges National Assembly To Allow Central Bank To Hodl Bitcoin

The petition urges the French National Assembly to consider the matter urgently because not owning Bitcoin will leave the country in a financially weak position.

The French lawmaker announced in a tweet that he had signed the petition, and urged his followers not to ‘miss the boat.’ Read More