Banks Are Helping People to Buy Bitcoin

Banks Are Helping People to Buy Bitcoin

It looks like bitcoin’s status as a “safe haven” asset is no longer being questioned. After weeks of people wondering whether bitcoin could sustain a person’s wealth during times of economic strife, the token is finally starting to earn a little bit of respect and attention.

More Bitcoin Buying Opportunities Are Emerging

Many banks and financial institutions abroad claim to be offering new methods of purchasing bitcoin and assorted cryptocurrencies to be added to users’ portfolios, and buying rates have shot up significantly. The European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England have all introduced investors and clients alike to what they’re calling new “asset-purchase schemes,” many of which involve ways of buying bitcoin and assorted crypto.

Purchases of BTC have thus surged by more than 20 percent over the last 24 hours, which may be why the currency is up by as much as 21 percent at the time of writing (the asset is presently trading for nearly $6,500 – about $1,600 higher than where it was earlier this week). Read More...