Bancor cryptocurrency airdrop set for New Years Eve

Decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol Bancor today announced its airdrop that’ll line the pockets of over 60,000 BNT holders will commence at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Bancor customers holding the network’s native token, BNT at the time of the snapshot will be rewarded with 10% of their holdings in a newly created token known as “ETHBNT.” The new token will additionally generate fees whenever someone makes a conversion involving ether (ETH) on the Bancor platform.

“We hope this event will inspire a new wave of users to add liquidity on Bancor and effectively own a piece of the protocol. In general, this could open the flood-gate to liquidity on DEXs, so they can finally compete with centralized exchanges,” Nate Hindman, head of growth at Bancor Protocol said, in a press release. Read More...

Bancor cryptocurrency airdrop set for New Years Eve
Bancor is slowly building its crypto empire