Bakkt Bitcoin Futures See Huge Week: Growing Institutional Interest

It seems that the now-infamous China pump of 2019 has awoken something in Bakkt’s Bitcoin futures. On the day of the jaw-dropping 42% pump last week, the exchange’s futures saw more than $10 million worth of volume traded, a new all-time high for the fledgling market.

Since then, this volume has persisted. This growth, however, cannot be conclusively pinned to the news that Chinese President Xi Jinping had endorsed blockchain technologies, which led to growth in BTC, blockchain stocks, and other assets tied to this space.

According to a report from Bakkt Volume Bot, a Twitter robot dedicated to following trends in its namesake’s Bitcoin market, the past week has been undeniably strong for Bakkt. Again, since last Friday’s absolutely monumental surge from $7,300, the volume has persisted, trading millions of dollars worth of contracts a day, rather than under $1 million worth. Read More...