Axiane Meunerie Adopts Blockchain to Follow its "Savoir Terre" Flour

Stemming from a French and sustainable agriculture, the "Savoir Terre" flour of Axiane Meunerie, a subsidiary of the Axéréal agricultural cooperative, is now traceable on the blockchain.

By scanning a QR code with their smartphone, consumers can find out the identity of the farmers involved in the manufacture of their flour, as well as the location of their farm.

The implementation of this application is part of the Savoir Terre brand's DNA by bringing consumers and farmers closer together. It is a concrete response to consumer expectations on societal, environmental and economic issues," commented David Hubert, CEO of Axiane.

Axiane Meunerie Adopts Blockchain to Follow its "Savoir Terre" Flour
Blockchain can revolutionize the supply chain

In addition, consumers can consult the places where the grains are stored, where the wheat is crushed and where the flour is packaged.

The block-chain tracking solution used by Axiane is based on technology developed by French startup Connecting Food, which will carry out audits of the product supply chain.

More and more players in the food industry are turning to the blockchain in order to offer enhanced traceability to their customers.

Last month, for example, olive oil supplier CHO joined the IBM Food Trust's blockchain program to guarantee consumers the quality and origin of its oils.

According to Jupiter Consulting, the food industry could save $31 billion by 2024 thanks to the product traceability allowed by the blockchain. And the benefits and uses of this technology are also increasing by linking it to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Guest Author: Paul Mercier