Australia's Oldest Crypto Exchange Joins Growing Roster of Kraken Acquisitions

U.S.-based crypto exchange Kraken has acquired Australia’s oldest crypto exchange.

In a recent development, Kraken announced its acquisition of Bit Trade, an Australia-based crypto exchange formed in 2013, in a Jan. 14 press release on Kraken’s blog.

The Bit Trades website will, for the time being, still operate as it does presently, a representative from Kraken clarified to Cointelegraph, including maintaining the existing staff. A representative said:

“In the short term, Bit Trade will continue under its current brand and operate business as usual. As part of the acquisition we are pleased to welcome the Bit Trade team led by Jonathon Miller who will be Managing Director for Kraken in Australia.” Read More...

 Kraken has acquired Australia’s oldest crypto exchange.
Kraken has Acquired But Trade

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