Australia Plans To Create A Massive $175 Billion Blockchain Industry

The blockchain technology has been making major waves of late. The technology has become so popular and apparently effective that even national authorities are starting to notice. Indeed, there have been a number of reports that some governments are already using blockchain technology to manage national services like health and education sectors.

Now, there are signs that Australia, too, is picking up on those signals. It turns out that the Australian government has had plans in the pipeline for the last one year to implement blockchain technology in the management of various sectors including banking, education, and export. This move is expected to create a blockchain industry worth around $175 billion.

Improve Export Opportunities

The key among the main issues that the blockchain technology is expected to tackle in Australia is the improvement of its export industry.

The blockchain tech has been proven very effective in streamlining supply chain management, something that could really revolutionize an export industry. In fact, Australia’s Minister for Industry, Science, and Technology Karen Andrews said that the technology could play a huge role in improving export opportunities for Australian products. Read More...

Australia Plans To Create A Massive $175 Billion Blockchain Industry
Massive $175 Billion Blockchain Industry

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