Augur [REP]: Decentralized prediction markets are going to be much tougher to shut down

Arianna Simpson, the Founder and Managing Director of Autonomous Partners, recently spoke about the prediction market and the cryptocurrency space, with the main focus being Augur Project, on Twitter. The early-stage investor remarked that prediction market was one of the “most fascinating yet poorly understood areas” of Decentralized Finance.

In a tweet, she said:

"Prediction markets are exchange-traded markets with the purpose of trading on the outcomes of future events. Events can be anything where the results can be objectively verified, like sports games, political elections, horse races, price fluctuations of commodities, etc. They rely on the collective wisdom and info of a group, and allow participants to place bets on the probability of specific outcomes, where the value of a bet directly reflects the probability of an outcome occurring."

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