Augur 2.0 Is On Its Way

Joey Krug, the co-founder and now intermittent advisor of utterly unregulated betting platform Augur, has some serious complaints about...Augur.

“It’s too slow both on the Ethereum and UI side, [it’s too] expensive to use, and the currency is too volatile,” he said in an interview.

Indeed, the app barely surpasses 30 users each day, from a high of 250 after Augur’s launch last year. Augur’s “REP” token too, conceived as a way to recompense market participants for running the network, has remained at $11.10 a coin, a long way from its high of $107.

Worse, the UX is appalling. “I don’t get it,” grieves one novice trader on the same Discord group. “Why is this so complicated? I don’t understand how the pricing works and I have a math degree....”

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