Atari Teams Up With Arkane Network For Atari Token Launch

Atari Teams Up With Arkane Network For Atari Token Launch

Gaming legend Atari moved one step closer to launching its new cryptocurrency after it was announced that the gaming classic was joining forces with Arkane Network to help with the creation and launch.

The partnership will see Atari and Arkane Network work together on the token, and also allow Atari full use of Arkane Networks decentralized monetization platform, SDK and API.

Atari and Arkane Network – A Perfect Match

Atari is the most iconic of gaming brands, with popular games such as Pong, Tetris, and Asteroids, and their foray into crypto has been well documented.

Arkane Network, a Belgium-based global monetization platform, and API and SDK provider for several blockchains, and its all-in-one solution allows the launch of powerful products powered by blockchain technology.

Arkane is seen as the perfect solution for game developers and content creators to monetize and secure digital goods. And with both NEO and 0xGames already utilizing their infrastructure, it’s not surprising to see a giant like Atari team up with them.

Arkane’s API allows developers to build dApps various APIs, and once the Atari token is launched, other developers using the API will be able to integrate Atari Token as an in-game currency. Something Arkane co-founder, Tim Dierckxsens pointed out during the announcement. Read More at MinedHash