ASUS B250 Mining Expert - Review 2020

The ASUS B250 Mining Expert is specifically built for mining and comes with 19 PCIe slots and 3 zoned ATX12V power connectors that allow miners to run 19 NIVIDIA or AMP GPUs off the same motherboard which lowers the cost of having to buy multiple motherboards.

ASUS B250 Mining Expert - Review 2020

Like any other motherboards, it come with CD drives. The drivers come with diagnostic software to show you which PCI express lines are working or not. The software is a nice feature as it helps to boosts mining efficiency and thanks to special mining mode, you don’t have to mess around with the BIOS so you can mine straight out of the box.

What makes the ASUS B250 Mining Expert unique is it comes with 19 PCI lanes and has support for 3 different power supplies with each part of the motherboard being controlled by a separate power supply to help max out hash rate.

Since having 19 PCI lanes requires a lot of power, ASUS came up with the solution of dividing the motherboard into 3 zones, A, B, and C, with each zone having its own ATX12V power connectors which enables it to run smoothly 24/7. Read More...