Asia to Spearhead Cryptocurrency Industry Growth in 2020

According to recent interviews conducted by the recently with top cryptocurrency industry leaders, Asian countries are likely to lay the foundation for the crypto and blockchain industry growth this year.

Cryptocurrencies have not only survived some of the biggest financial and economic turmoil in the last decade but also emerged as one of the most profitable investment assets of the 21st century. Leading from the front are Asian countries that are contesting among each other to become the next blockchain or cryptocurrency industry hub.

With more explicit guidelines for cryptocurrency and blockchain, central banks exploring the idea of launching their very own digital currency, and top private and public entities integrating this emergent technology, the race to become the next silicon valley of newest technologies has never been more intense.

Asia will shape up the cryptocurrency industry in 2020, crypto experts

Several renowned cryptocurrency industry names aired their opinions about how Asia will shape up this industry and pave the way for the rest of the world. According to them, a progressive country like Singapore is the top choice for leading fintech firms or crypto and blockchain startups as clear-cut regulations not only make it easier for them to establish their ground but also offers access to over six hundred million consumer base of the segmented Southeast Asian market. Read More...

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Asia to Spearhead Cryptocurrency Industry