As leading US exchanges fold due to regulatory pressure, DEXs step into the breach

These are testing times for US crypto traders. Accessing the same services that their European counterparts take for granted has become an impossibly convoluted task. It’s also one that’s fraught with legal risk and the threat of sudden service withdrawal. And all for the dubious privilege of being able to trade a few harmless altcoins with one’s own funds.

The exodus of Poloniex, whose US operations are now winding down, is the latest in a long line of centralized exchanges (CEXs) to have bowed out citing regulatory pressure. Binance and Bittrex have also been forced to readjust their US strategy, whittling down the tokens available to American citizens, and prohibiting them from participating in token sales.

Every cloud has its silver lining, however, no matter how slender, and the sunsetting of US CEXs has provided an opportunity for DEXs to gain market share. These include conventional decentralized exchanges, such as John McAfee’s eponymous new platform, and decentralized token swapping protocols such as Bancor. Read More...

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