Are We Headed For A Bitcoin Price Correction Anytime Soon?

Are we in for a Bitcoin price correction anytime soon? Bitcoin has been relentless in the last few months as the price keeps on rising up. Bitcoin has pretty much outperformed everything recently, but how long will this run up last?

Bitcoin has once again surged to new yearly highs, and at time of writing the BTC price is sitting at $16,420. Highs we haven’t seen since January 7, 2018.

The Bitcoin price was at $7,231 at the start of 2020, and is the best performing asset of the year. All this despite its biggest daily drop in history, when the BTC price plummeted 55% on 13 March.

Since the lows of that day, Bitcoin has risen over 300%, as huge Wall Street names have come out publicly advocating it, and even public treasuries have started adopting a Bitcoin standard and making BTC a part of their balance sheet.

How Long Will The Bull Run Last?

With the Bitcoin price daily candle closing above a key support level in the low-$16,000s, it seems like we are heading higher.

But how long will this run continue? Many are waiting for a correction, but it’s just not coming, as yet. Read More

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