Approaching 2020: Why The World Needs Bitcoin More Than Ever (Op-Ed)

Many people now rely on the internet to make their living, such as selling art on Etsy, making YouTube videos, streaming games on Twitch, or selling items on eBay. The crux of such endeavors is being able to receive payments. One popular site is Patreon, which allows fans to directly support an individual with monthly payments.

Some people are able to accept debit and credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, on their websites. However, the main pipeline for payments online is PayPal, which boasts 286 million users. The equation for making an online living is simple: create a product people like, such as video content or artwork, and customers will hand over money using a payment processor.

Such a circumstance is happening with increasing regularity. The most recent example is that of PayPal cutting off payments to models working on Pornhub. The adult entertainment site noted that over a hundred thousand models have been affected. Read More...