Anyone Can Host a Crypto Exchange - Tim Draper Backed Startup Launches New Wordpress Plugin

There’s a new plugin available that gives people the ability to launch a cryptocurrency exchange on any WordPress-based website. The project called Wpcryptoexchange is a product created by the Tim Draper-backed startup Draper Goren Holm. With the plugin, anyone can launch a digital currency trading platform that allows people to swap various cryptos and also allows website owners to collect trading fees.

Now Anyone Can Host a Crypto Exchange on Their WordPress Website

A developer named Goren Holm has released a new WordPress (WP) plugin that makes it so anyone can create a crypto exchange on a WP-based site. Holm’s new release leverages open source software called the Totle application programming interface (API). The API makes it so website owners can allow swaps using various cryptocurrencies including ETH, DAI, BAT, and WBTC. Read More...

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