Anthony Pompliano: Bitcoin Allows 50% of Global Population to Avoid Negative Effects of Inflation

In his recent tweet, the co-founder of the Morgan Creek Digital VC fund and the author of a crypto podcast Anthony Pompliano stated that Bitcoin allows half of the world’s population to avoid wealth inequality which follows inflation of fiat currencies in each particular country or when it comes to the USD.

The latter is currently the reserve currency for countries other than the USA and is often used as a store of value by those who are familiar with only the very basics of investment.

However, some in the crypto community disagree, providing counter arguments.

21 mln BTC for 7.7 bln people

A Twitter user @ShipRektLLC points out that the majority of circulating Bitcoin is concentrated in the hands of few people, meaning the so called whales. The same situation is with Bitcoin mining, where the majority of largest pools are also owned by few companies.

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