binance-banner.jpg - first-class AI trading asset service helps traders and investors increase their funds in the cryptocurrency world with the help of artificial intelligence that can predict price changes. is a first-class AI trading asset service. It was founded in 2020 by a cyber security engineer. Extensive experience in developing systems and programs against digital attacks has helped to create the most secure platform with the most trusted digital wallets.

Anola`s mission is to promote the development of the digital technology industry by stimulating innovation. This is done through the introduction of new emerging technologies. Thus, Anola actively participates in the transformation of the global financial system.

How does AI Trading work?

AI trading is based on computer algorithms that constantly scan the markets to find specific conditions. These conditions are determined by you, the trader, and are usually based on a combination of technical data analysis and fundamental parameters.

For example, in the cryptocurrency market, you might have an AI bot search for suitable coins based on indicators of the moving average convergence divergence and relative strength Index. When each of these indicators reaches a certain value, the bot initiates a trade on your behalf.

Depending on your strategy, the AI bot can look only at the coins, or it can look at tokens. The advantage of this is that you can buy and sell whenever opportunities arise, even if you can't control every asset traded at once.

Anola`s AI trading provides trading without your direct involvement. Artificial intelligence instantaneously evaluates the price movements and trade opening/closing. This ensures trading without emotion and following the rules.

What makes the Anola Platform different?

Cryptocurrency trading has been gaining momentum in recent years, and offers any investor the opportunity to profit from this surge of activity. This service is fully automated and executes Bitcoin and Ethereum trades for you. Unlike most other AI trading platforms, you have little control over how your money is used to buy and sell assets. claims that more than 90% of the trades its proprietary algorithm executes are profitable. While this may seem a little hard to believe, users are extremely supportive of the platform. Nevertheless, you would be better off starting with small amounts of money to see how this AI service works for you. requires a minimum deposit of $200 to get started.

One of the best features of this platform is that it only takes commissions on profitable trades, not on losing trades. This ensures that algorithm developers only profit when you do too.

Who are the founders of the service?

Lucas Hines and Jack Fowler are the founders of For almost 2 years they were developing their product - a secure investment platform with blockchain technology. They wanted to create the most secure AI trading asset service and they succeeded.

Lucas Hines is Chief Executive Officer at For a long time, he was developing anti-malware strategies. He used all the knowledge he gained during his career when creating

Jack Fowler is Chief Financial Officer at Jack Fowler is one of the leading cyber security experts. He is a talented person that started from the position of security manager and become an entrepreneur with his own company. is a first-class AI trading asset service that helps traders and investors increase their funds with the help of advanced AI.

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