Andy Edstrom: BTC Will Hit $400,000 in the Year 2030

Wealth manager Andy Edstrom has predicted that bitcoin will reach $400,000 by the year 2030, thereby bringing bitcoin’s total market cap to approximately $8 trillion and making it one of the most valuable assets across the globe.

Edstrom: BTC Will Incur a Mega Spike in Ten Years

Edstrom works with a California-based investment platform known as WESCAP. In a recent interview, he stated he’s “pretty bullish” on bitcoin and thinks that the currency could reach the stars in roughly ten years. He mentions:

When I set the upside case for an investment point of view, I take a ten-year view… I think the total valuation on ten years that I use is about eight trillion and that comes from various buckets. Whether it’s taking share from gold, or taking share from fiat, or taking share from offshore assets, or slightly demonetizing other stores of value like real estate or new uses that we haven’t thought of or are still under construction, such as micro payments. Read More...

Andy Edstrom: BTC Will Hit $400,000 in the Year 2030
Will BTC Hit $400,000?