Analysts: Satoshi Nakamoto Should Remain Hidden

Analysts: Satoshi Nakamoto Should Remain Hidden

Bitcoin and crypto traders alike have always been intrigued by the mystery surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous trader behind the creation of the world’s number one digital currency.

Maybe Keeping Nakamoto Hidden Is Best

Who is he? How did he get the idea, and is he still alive or has he passed on? These are all major questions that several bitcoin enthusiasts have likely asked themselves over the years, but according to several analysts and industry experts, it might be best not to know. The argument appears to have begun with the rumor that Adam Back – a 49-year-old computer scientist from the United Kingdom – was the reclusive Nakamoto. While Back denies he has anything to do with the creation of bitcoin, he did comment that not knowing who Nakamoto really was could be the best thing for the currency and keep it in check. In a recent interview in Malta, he commented: Read More...