Analyst Says XRP Has Moonshot Potential, Warns Third-Largest Cryptocurrency Is Facing One Major Hurd

Portfolio manager and crypto influencer Mati Greenspan is expanding on his outlook for Ripple and XRP.

Greenspan recently said he thinks Ripple’s monthly sales of XRP hurt the digital asset’s price in 2019.

In his latest letter to investors, Greenspan says he thinks Ripple’s ODL, which is designed to give enterprises a way to utilize XRP for cross-border payments, could have a huge impact on the price of XRP if it gains widespread adoption.

Although he thinks Ripple has a “real chance” of pulling that off, he cautions that the odds of ODL’s success remain stacked against the San Francisco startup.

“Yes, we can see XRP gaining traction and they do have first mover advantage in this space. However, it does seem more likely that a coin created by banks, for banks, would be favorable to most large financial institutions. As I see it, investing in XRP is a moonshot. There is a real chance that Ripple accomplishes their goal of becoming the backbone of global settlements. If they do, then there’s a fairly good chance that XRP will rise in value. Read More...

There is a real chance that Ripple could Moonshot
XRP Moonshot Potential