Analyst: Bitcoin Could Dump to $6,500 to Maintain Price Parabola

As the Bitcoin consolidation continues, traders and analysts are scouring the charts again looking for the next direction. In the short term most are of mixed opinion but one analyst has predicted a big fall before any upward price momentum is resumed.

Bitcoin Biding Its Time

For more than two months now BTC has been range bound between mid-$9,000s and low $12,000s. The channel appears to be tightening with very little movement over the past week, but this has happened before. Price action is not linear and the asset is still highly volatile which means a larger swing could occur before any confirmed trend direction takes place.

Trader and analyst ‘dave the wave’ has maintained that in order to stick to its growth curve, Bitcoin will need to fall back first.

“Some are wondering why BTC can’t do sideways for a significant period of time [across to the growth curve at this level]. Problem is BTC is volatile and doesn’t do sideways for long. This parabola and correction has always been about chewing up time for it to meet the curve imo”

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