An In-Depth Look at the Multi-Currency Cold Storage Card Ballet

Last September, Bobby Lee, the former CEO of China’s first cryptocurrency exchange BTCC revealed his new business venture Ballet, a non-electronic crypto wallet solution that offers multi-currency support. During the North American Bitcoin Conference Miami, all the attendees got a single Ballet crypto card and news.

Bitcoin.com decided to test the product to show our readers how it works. Our newsdesk also spoke with Bobby Lee during the event and he explained that he leveraged his prior experience working as a coin maker for BTCC’s physical bitcoin mint and he’s extremely passionate about the new Ballet product.

Bobby Lee Shows Off the Ballet Crypto Wallet Solution at TNABC Miami

Bobby Lee is very proud of his new venture and you can see it when you talk to him about the new Ballet cards. At the North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) Miami news.Bitcoin.com got a chance to test the new Ballet cards and speak with Lee about the new products.

“The [Ballet] project is one year in the making,” Lee told our newsdesk. “I sold my last company BTCC two years ago. As you may already know, I was the cofounder and CEO of BTCC, we were the very first bitcoin exchange in China launched in 2011 and at one point we also became the world’s largest exchange by trade volume.

During that time, I also created physical bitcoins called BTCC Mint and I was a coinmaker from 2016 to 2018. At that time we made a series of coins, but then we decided to close the business. When I was a coin maker for those years, during that time I made over 30,000 coins.” Lee explained that the BTCC Mint coins were pre-loaded and as a coin maker he managed the private keys and “got a lot of experience.” Read More...