Amazon Managed Blockchain Gets Cloud Support

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is integrating its Managed Blockchain platform with its cloud storage service.

CloudFormation, part of the web services arm of the e-commerce giant, will support the company’s blockchain management system. The service will assist in “creating and configuring networks, members, and peer nodes.”

Free to clients of Amazon Web Services, CloudFormation acts as a replication and scaling tool between a client’s web service applications, making it easier to share data between different AWS use cases.

The company writes in a statement published August 12:

“With CloudFormation support for Managed Blockchain, you can create new blockchain networks and define network configurations, create a member and join an existing network, and describe member and network details such as voting policies.”

The idea is that managed blockchains will become even more scalable. The system will also help integrate a client’s AWS accounts across the cloud ecosystem onto the blockchain.

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