Amazon is looking for a person to lead its digital currency and blockchain product division.

Amazon is looking for a Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead according to a recent job post. Is this one step towards crypto adoption? : A digital currency (or cryptocurrency) product lead positions in the company will be available across three types of business models including merchant portal, financial services enterprise platform or consumer products channel. The work includes being part owner/founder with team development while managing processes & infrastructure creation during beta testing phase. This position requires knowledge of various blockchain technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum which are used by ecommerce companies worldwide.

According to an email shared by Business Insider, Amazon’s team confirmed its interest in exploring an approach to the world of cryptocurrencies. and "our understanding is that our current focus for trading Bitcoin with traditional financial institutions (particularly banks) will remain a full-blown industry/commodity until we have more significant product updates." That's important: It suggests potential future opportunities from businesses seeking ways into it—and may help explain why such exchanges as PayPal chose Ethereum instead of bitcoin last week. While Coinbase has tried many times before to find traction among existing customers using their virtual currency wallets, those efforts often haven't gotten off course; this latest development shows how far away these new ventures are at present.