Amazon, IBM, JP Morgan, Microsoft, and R3 Corda: The State of Enterprise Blockchain

What is the state of Enterprise Blockchain? Are we advancing? Are we stalled? Why?

This article examines the state of the industry; this is not intended to be a comprehensive review, rather, the goal is to focus on the primary market participants. With this report-out for context, it then posits a platform strategy for industry success based on my multi-decade experience building platforms (SOA, .NET architecture, Azure incubation etc.) and tools (Visual Studio .NET/Fx, patterns & practices etc.).

First, let us review what today’s prototypical enterprise IT customer has been accustomed to expecting from an enterprise blockchain product line.

The kernel of an enterprise blockchain product is expected to enable a cryptographically trusted ledger of corporate data; this data is shared across a network of entities; multiple parties are able to securely access this data in real-time, with constraints in place for identity, authorization, entitlements and data privacy; the primary participants treat this as a read-write ledger and there are typically secondary participants whose roles span governance, risk and compliance enforcement and reporting. Read More

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