ALYI African Electric Vehicle to get $100M Boost in ICO

US’s Alternet Systems Inc (ALYI), has announced its partnership with an anonymous company to launch a crypto aimed at providing funds for manufacturing electric vehicles in Africa. The ALYI African electric vehicle project is, however, expected to kick off with a $100M initial coin offering (ICO) funding as the US firm announced that the crypto has successfully been minted on Ethereum blockchain.

Reportedly, the intended ICO for the ALYI African electric vehicle project has attracted investors for the $100 million offering, noting that they are the only firm to have partnered for the crypto initiative.

ALYI African electric vehicle and other blockchain investment in Africa

As part of plans for the ALYI African electric vehicle project, the firm is analyzing regulations on crypto and Africa and also working on its marketing strategy for the ICO as it is yet unscheduled. Read More...