Alternateth: A 'Friendly' Ethereum Fork to Be Released for Testing and Research Purposes

James Hancock, the Project Team Lead at EthSignals, an organization focused on providing “tools and sources of high-quality information” to assist in the growth of Ethereum’s (ETH) ecosystem, has revealed that he intends to conduct a “friendly fork” of the world’s largest smart contract platform.

Friendly Fork Will Serve as Tesnet for Main ETH Blockchain

Referred to as “Alternateth,” the Ethereum fork will serve as “a sister chain” to the Ethereum mainnet. This, as Alternateth will primarily be used to test and explore various design ideas and proof-of-concepts (POCs) - before they’re launched on the main Ethereum blockchain.

In statements shared with CoinDesk, Hancock said that the Ethereum fork would be launched within the next two months. He also mentioned:

"For ethereum to be sound money, it needs to be very conservative in making changes. For ethereum to keep pace with competition it needs to keep making changes. These two ideas are in tension as it is difficult to do both well."

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