All hail Bitcoin: the king of cryptocurrency up almost 99% against big banks

Messari, gave out the report describing that the condition of leading banking institutions against the cryptocurrency giant Bitcoin (BTC) hasn’t been even cutting it close in its 9th July 2019 report.

Deutsche Bank manuscript reads a ninety-eight percent (98.9%) fall in the financial standings. The banking institutions are seeking to close the business because compared to Bitcoin, they’re not doing too well.

Deutsche Bank had to dismiss most of its employees to make up for the hard times, the German loan provider is going through. About eighteen thousand (18,000) people had to lose their jobs.

Wells Fargo came in second last on the list. With ninety-five (95.3%) reduction in its financial standings. Closely coming in at the next position was Citigroup and Morgan Stanley at ninety-two percent (92.2%) and ninety-two percent (92.9%) respectively.

The runner’s up position was held by Bank of America with ninety percent (90.4%) while the bank that was least affected by the bitcoin rise -comparatively – was at eighty-nine (89.5%) percent drop in its standings, JPMorgan. Read More at Cryptopolitan...