Algorand Blockchain to Capitalize on Twitch’s Chess Boom

Algorand Blockchain to Capitalize on Twitch’s Chess Boom

Key Takeaways

  • World Chess data will be recorded to the Algorand network.

  • Ratings will be immutable.

  • The platform is open to players worldwide.

As a result of the latest lockdowns, gamers around the world are streaming digital chess matches on platforms like Twitch. Now, Algorand is stepping in to keep players honest. Algorand Gives Chess a Digital Makeover FIDE Online Arena will record the official chess ratings and titles data on Algorand’s decentralized blockchain network in real-time, bringing reliability and transparency to the rating system of digital chess. They will be universally accessible to all other chess platforms and media sites. With the Algorand protocol removing friction from the existing model, millions of global chess players will have access to transparent reporting of one of the world’s most popular games. Read More...