Algo888: Safe trading algorithm receives praises

In order to be acknowledged by forex experts, one product must meet numerous high standards. Such criteria will be analysed and correlate to an algorithm that has been seen as an ideal tool for current and future forex traders


The best software powered by artificial intelligence with one of the most advanced risk management technologies. A completely unique approach to software setup and AI development. Software also known as algorithm trading, is an automated trading system based on artificial intelligence (AI) that operates according to the parameters or programmes set by its developer.

Once connected to your trading account, it will trade on the financial markets without any human intervention, which eliminates mistakes caused by human emotions. Our intelligent software is designed with a view to automating the trading process and making sustainable profits, with a good risk and reward ratio.

Mius888 is different!

What makes Mius888 different than other trading software on the market?

It’s simple, instead of using one single trading strategy that will ultimately fail as market conditions change (this is why most trading softwares don't work).

Mius888 uses 25 different proven trading strategies, so it can decide which strategy makes the most sense to deploy based on the current market conditions!

Mius888 offer a simple approach to your trading needs, with an impressive Dashboard that allows all our users to watch their accounts grow everyday.

Our Algo888 Software

Designed to trade multiple currency pairs with low risk management and short-term scalping strategy. ALGO888 software combines professional technical and fundamental indicators with a breakout trading strategy to predict market swings, reversals and trends. The Bot is continuously analyzes de Forex market, looking for key institutional levels and high probability trading zones for trades.

The Software has a special hedging system ensuring closing out a negative position (known as drawdown) in positive. If the market goes in the opposite direction, the AI algorithm will compound new positions with a higher leverage. When the market retraces, it completes a hedging cycle that manages a negative position back to profit and optimizing the win-to-loss ratio across many trades and quickly booking profits. In short, a profit can be made on a position that has 5 open trades with 2-3 in negative positions.

Algo888 is designed to perform well in high-volatility markets and does not require the market to make a full correction to the original open trade entry to make a profit.


- Myfxbook

Algo888 is tracked, audited and authenticated by a third-party called Myfxbook, an independent website that allows you to follow the results live, statistics and risk standards of the different trading software. This ensures that our products represent the true performance displayed.