ADA Could Soon Land On Coinbase As Cardano Rolls Out New Development

Cardano has been widely hailed as one of the most ambitious yet scientifically driven projects in the cryptocurrency space. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and especially ADA holders have been anticipating the beginning of Cardano’s proof of stake era and its move to become fully decentralized.

The “Byron” era of Cardano’s development first introduced their proof of stake algorithm known as Ouroboros. Now IOHK is transitioning into the “Shelley” era where staking rewards will come in to play. As of now, the Shelley testnet is running, but soon the protocol will make the jump to what is expected to be full decentralization.

Aside from the Shelley mainnet launch, a plethora of positive developments are on the horizon for IOHK and Cardano. Many expect ADA to be added to Coinbase once the transition is made. Being added to Coinbase would be a huge boost for the value of ADA because it would expose so many new crypto users to a low price digital asset which can be easily bought with USD.

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