ACINQ Unveils Its ‘2nd Generation’ Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallet

French Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network (LN) implementation developer ACINQ introduced its second-generation Lightning Network wallet, Phoenix, via Twitter, on Oct. 18. A video accompanying the post demonstrates a number of wallet functions, all accessed via a user-friendly interface.

From setup to receiving and making payments in under a minute

From a fresh install of the wallet app on an Android device, setting up a new wallet is a single click away. Although the new wallet has no open channels, it can still produce an LN invoice and receive funds.

On receipt of an incoming transaction, the app offers to set up a payment channel on-the-fly for a set fee. The user can either accept the fee, avoiding incoming liquidity issues completely or refuse the payment.

Once the wallet is funded, Lightning Network payments can be made by scanning QR invoices and pressing pay. Phoenix is able to find payment routes without a routing table sync. Read More...

ACINQ Unveils Its ‘2nd Generation’ Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallet
Lighning Network Offers Faster Transactions

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