A Second Chance With Ethereum For Those That Missed the Bitcoin Boat

There is no stopping Bitcoin at the moment as the king of crypto keeps heading skywards. As BTC touched $13,000 today many are asking ‘am I too late to get in’. The long term answer is clearly a no, but there are still good gains to be made on Ethereum if it repeats the performance from 2017.

Ethereum Still Undervalued

Bitcoin may well be up 240 percent this year and hitting new highs every day this week but all is not lost for those that think they have missed the boat. Corrections will happen, they always do, but many are now claiming that there will no longer be any four digit Bitcoin available to buy.

Looking at the second largest crypto asset on the market shows that it is still massively undervalued, especially when compared to its bigger brother. Bitcoin is now less than 40 percent down from its peak whereas Ethereum is still over 75 percent away from its giddy height of $1,400 back in January last year.

Today ETH has managed to ride the coattails of BTC pulling in another 7 percent to reach $335. As noted by ‘CryptoFibonacci’ ETH could be approaching resistance again now.

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