A List of Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Inventors and Satoshi Clues Debunked in 2019

Since the inception of Bitcoin, a variety of unique individuals have come forward saying they invented blockchain technology. In 2019, a few more self-proclaimed Satoshis came out of the woodwork, alongside evidence pointing toward other individuals who could have used the moniker. So far, clues examined this year still haven’t revealed a smoking gun and the ‘Faketoshis’ who came forward in 2019 have all been debunked and ridiculed.

2019’s Faketoshi List

Nobody knows what makes an individual claim to be someone they are not, but in the world of cryptocurrency, this is a regular occurrence. For years now, the hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, has made people scour the earth looking for clues to find the creator’s whereabouts. Because the passion is so strong, it has invoked a slew of live-action role players (larpers) to pretend they are Satoshi. reported on 2018’s list of Faketoshis who came forward last year. For instance, the community witnessed Bloomberg columnist Matthew Leising tell everyone that Satoshi Nakamoto was writing a book.

In June, armchair sleuths noticed a man from Hawaii who patented various Bitcoin Cash trademarks and owned a slew of BCH and BTC-related domains claim to be the inventor. The Hawaiin-native Ronald Keala Kua Maria’s websites say: “I am the real one and only Satoshi Nakamoto.” The community also met Phil Wilson, otherwise known as ‘Scronty,’ claimed to be part of the Satoshi Nakamoto group theory with David Kleiman and Craig Wright. In 2019, the self-styled Satoshi Nakamoto reveals continued. Read More...