A Conversation with Michael Sonnenshein, Managing Director at Grayscale

Frank Chaparro Ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for tuning in for what is an incredibly exciting episode of The Scoop because there is an actual scoop tied to it. We're joined by Michael Sonnenshein , the managing director at Grayscale -- one of the largest asset managers, probably the largest asset manager -- a couple billion dollars under their helm here in New York City and I am of course joined by Ryan Todd my very special co-host and and an analyst at The Block. Michael is joining us to share news of a record breaking number of inflows into the firm's many different crypto asset funds. Michael's been with the firm since 2014 I believe, he's risen through the ranks. He's got a small but gritty team over there sitting alongside our other friend Michael Mauro. Michael thank you so much for joining us. Please, I guess the best place to start if we're gonna start anywhere is with this quarter three report. It's a record breaking quarter. What's behind it? Read More...