75% of Bitcoin Holders Are in Profit According to IntoTheBlock

Nearly 75% of Bitcoin holders are in profit, but overall, Bitcoin and Ethereum are still looking “bearish” across an eclectic variety of indicators, according to a new analysis by crypto data analytics company IntoTheBlock. This is bearish not only in the sense of price action, but also as a measure of public interest and usage of those public blockchains, as well as concentration of wealth on the respective networks.

Specifically, four metrics are measured for each coin: Net Network Growth; Concentration; “In The Money”; and Large Transactions. The details of these measures are elaborated in a pitch deck and webinar found here. It is important to note that these metrics are just a small sample of the plethora of metrics they use in their more detailed reports.

The “In The Money” metric measures the percentage of total holders of an asset that have made profit on their investment, versus the percentage who have taken a loss at current prices. Although Bitcoin holders are still about 75% up on their investments, the data seem to indicate that this level is falling for both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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